Hi, I'm Azara


I've been baking and cake-decorating since I was 13 years old and discovered that it offered the perfect balance between my artistic leanings and my 2-ton sweet tooth. After years of twiddling my thumbs I am finally embarking on the ridiculous journey that is a food blog, using this space to document the projects I've been working on, ramble about cakey things, and meet other folks who agree with me that cake is the raddest thing ever.

I live in New York City with my with my metal blogging YA author hubbs who humors me endlessly when I rattle on about the differences between AMBC, IMBC, and SMBC, my latest crazy design ideas, and all the other fluff that occupies my mind 99.8% of the time. I hope to one day muster the self-discipline to maintain a small edible garden on the windowsill.